The New England Journal
of Medicine Exposes…

The Knee Replacement Surgery HOAX Doctors Hide From You

Plus, How To Eliminate Knee Pain For Good In 1 Minute A Day
(Based On 23,855 Seniors)

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If you’ve been considering knee replacement surgery for your stiff, aching knees…

Then I have an urgent message for you:

Getting knee replacement surgery could be a costly MISTAKE you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Knee Pain

Instead of eliminating your knee pain…

Knee replacement surgery often…

  • x Forces you under the surgeon’s knife…
  • x Burns a giant hole in your wallet…
  • x Cripples you for months on end…
  • x And signs you up for a life riddled with dangerous painkillers.

The end result?

You’ll likely STILL suffer from agonizing knee pain.

And it will prevent you from doing simple tasks…

Like walking upstairs, tying your shoes, or enjoying a weekend road trip with your family.

That’s no exaggeration either.

New England Journal

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found patients who underwent surgery did NOT experience any better results than patients who didn’t undergo surgery.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

That doesn’t mean surgery is harmless.

I’ve lost count of all the adults who suffered from nasty infections, blood clots, and nerve injury during surgery.

But that’s just the beginning…

Because the aftermath is much worse!

Knee Therapy Picture

According to many patients I’ve worked with, rehab is like a form of medieval torture compared to the knee pain they had before surgery.


There’s nothing stopping your knee health from going backwards.

So it’s no surprise patients are pressured to get a second “revision” surgery.

That’s why it breaks my heart to hear about adults trapped in a nightmare of pain.

They believe nothing will work, and the pain will only get worse…

Yet after resorting to knee surgery…

It’s an uphill battle just to stand up from a chair…even 1 year later!

Fortunately, if you have bad knees…

And if you’re considering knee surgery or still have pain after getting the knee surgery…

Then I have incredible news for you.

Over 23,855 adults have used a simple seated towel
that silences knee pain in 1 minute a day…

No matter how old you are or how bad your knee pain is.

This works even if arthritis runs in your family… Or if your doctor has shrugged you off as a lost cause.

Because when you try this gentle move, you’ll instantly begin rebuilding your knees…

Old Woman In the Garden

So you can easily kneel down in your garden on a beautiful summer afternoon…

Play tennis or golf with your friends…

Give your grandkids piggyback rides with zero pain…

And live a no-holds-barred life…

Now that you have strong and stable knees that support you through your best years.

And I know what you’re thinking…

But this has NOTHING to do with painful injections, or
popping painkillers or NSAIDs like they’re candy.

Image Of Pills

This 1-minute seated towel routine doesn’t even have to do with natural remedies like…

Turmeric, CBD, chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, or collagen.

Or if your doctor shrugged you off as a lost cause.

In fact, none of those solve the REAL culprit behind your knee pain.

According to shocking research from Harvard
, the root cause of knee pain isn’t
simply wear and tear like many people claim…

But something you can address in just a few minutes a day.

Luckily for you, you’ll know exactly how to reclaim strong, ageless knees after reading this page.

And I guarantee you’ve never tried or even heard of this solution before.

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    I’ll tell you all about the 1-minute seated towel routine that eliminates knee pain and rebuilds your knees — even if they’re bone on bone.

  • Correct Sign

    I’ll also tell you why some experts are calling knee replacement surgery a hoax.

  • Correct Sign

    In fact, I’ll tell you about a shocking “Sham Surgery” experiment that put the final nail in the coffin on knee replacement surgery…

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    I’ll reveal how a Harvard doctor proved wear and tear is NOT the real cause of arthritis after studying 6,000-year-old skeletons…

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    Finally, I’ll pull back the curtains on the #1 “stabilizing nerve” running through your legs that turns brittle, creaky knees into strong, stable knees for good.

And that’s not just my opinion either.

More than 23,855 adults have watched this video to rescue their knees from agony like…

Diana Moore 67, from Spokane, Washington…

Diana Moore, 67, from Spokane, Washington…

“It broke my heart when I couldn't play with my granddaughter because my knees were killing me! So I watched your video and now am running around like I’m half my age. Just wanted to say thank you and God bless!”

Robert Sanders 59, from Morristown New Jersey…

Or how about Robert Sanders, 59, from Morristown…

“After 30 years of knee pain from playing high school football, I tried your routine. And you’ve got me walking better than 2 decades of physical therapy and injections.”

Carol Baker , 80, from Chicago, Illinois…

And finally, Carol Baker, 80, from Chicago,Illinois…

“Chris, you’re a life saver. My doctor told me I should get a total knee replacement, and I was desperate for another option. I tried your routine out, and after just a few days, I feel like I have new knees. Thanks to you, I canceled my surgery.”

Isn’t that exciting?

There’s no reason you can’t join these folks.

But before we continue, I need to make something VERY clear.

I’m not telling you to ignore your doctor’s orders.

I’m just saying knee replacement surgery isn’t the miracle solution you might think it is.

Surgery Image

And hey, if you've thought going under the surgeon’s knife or taking pills was the only way…

Then it’s not your fault.

You’re just one of the thousands of people duped by the medical industry…

Think about it.

You pay an arm and a leg for surgery.

THEN pay more money for opiates that turn you into a doctor-approved drug addict…

Only to slog through MONTHS of grueling physical therapy anyway.

You might as well set up a direct deposit of your paycheck into the greedy pockets of Big Pharma and the medical industry.

Picture Of Money

Because they don’t want to help you or solve your problem.

They want to relieve your symptoms JUST enough…

So you keep coughing up your hard-earned cash for as long as possible.

Of course there are good doctors out there.

But even they make you wait 30 minutes…

Only to write a prescription in 5 minutes before rushing off to their next appointment.

That’s why I’m so happy you’ve landed on this page.

Because I’m about to give you everything you need to fix knee pain for good.

And this is info I’m confident you won’t find on mainstream media…

Since they’re busy covering the latest political scandals or Hollywood gossip.

If you click away now, you could be signing up for a life of knee pain that robs you of your independence…

When the secret to long-lasting relief is just a few minutes away.

So please give me your undivided attention…

And let’s dive in.

Hi, my name is Chris Ohocinski.

Coach Chris

Chris Ohocinski
State-Licensed and Nationally
Certified Athletic Trainer

I’m not an orthopedic surgeon or a pharmaceutical sales rep.

I’m just a normal guy from Allentown, Pennsylvania who helps folks like you get rid of knee pain.

So you’re in the right place.

But I don’t think you stumbled on this page by accident.

Call it destiny or divine intervention, I believe I was meant to help you.

You see, when I was only 14, I served as a lifeguard.

My boss told me, “You’ll never have to save someone.”

Yet after just a few weeks, I had to dive into a 10 foot pool to save a young boy’s life.

I took this experience as a sign from God that I’m meant to save others.

Eventually, I graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a BS in Athletic Training Sports Medicine.

As a state-licensed and nationally certified athletic trainer…

I’ve helped everyone from seniors to high school athletes eliminate pain…

While rehabilitating nasty ankle, shoulder, and of course knee injuries.

Coach Chris Bio

Nowadays, I serve as the Supervisor of Sports Medicine in the White Hall-Coplay school district.

I’m also routinely featured on the Critical Bench YouTube channel…

Where I help our 1 million subscribers reduce pain and prevent injuries.

So trust me when I tell you…

I’ve been living my dream by changing lives as an athletic trainer.

But I have to admit, there was one mysterious case that put my skills to the test.

I’ll never forget when Nancy limped into my office.


She was a sweet 64-year-old elementary school teacher.

As well as a grandmother of 3 little ones.

Nancy had worked hard over the past 40 years, saving up money for her retirement in just a few months.

But her nagging knee pain threatened this dream.

It all started when Nancy woke up one day with stiff, sore knees.

Her knees would click and pop with every step.

So Nancy skipped out on playing tennis with her friends.

She thought it would end there.

Sadly, this was only the beginning of a nightmare.

One that would make even the simplest tasks an uphill battle.

Walking through the grocery store sent torrents of pain to her knees.

And Nancy was always dragging her feet like a zombie…

Nancy Knee Pain

Since her screaming knees would wake her up in the middle of the night.

She tried pain-relievers, smelly creams, icing her knees, and months of physical therapy.

But nothing led to more than a few minutes of relief.

Finally, Nancy hit rock-bottom on a weekend that should have been filled with joy.

Nancy’s grandkids rushed through her door, excited to spend some time with their grandma.

Unfortunately, Nancy’s knees let her and her grandkids down.

She found herself bound to her chair the entire weekend.

When Nancy tried kneeling down to play a board game…

Her knees crunched like shattered glass.

As Nancy hobbled back to her chair…

Her youngest grandchild gazed up at Nancy with his innocent blue eyes.


“Don’t you want to play Gwamma?”

Nancy sat there with her mouth half-open.

She desperately wanted to say, “Of course, honey!”…

But her knees wouldn’t let her.

Nancy felt her heart sink in her chest like a 2-ton anchor.

In a matter of seconds, she went from a caring grandmother…

One who would do ANYTHING for her loved ones…

To a shell of the woman she used to be…

Does any of this sound familiar?

Maybe you feel like knee pain has robbed you of the peace and freedom you once had.

Maybe your knees are throbbing after walking your dog.

Or maybe you keep fidgeting in your seat at church…

Because your knees feel stiff and rusty like an abandoned car on the side of the road.

But I want you to know there’s hope.

Over 23,855 adults have silenced their knee pain and rebuilt strong, healthy knees.

I’ll share the simple routine I gave them in just a few minutes.

This solution is ONLY possible because of what Nancy did next.

You see, when Nancy let down her grandchild…

It was the LAST straw.

Nancy at the Doctor

So Nancy booked an appointment with her doctor that day.

On her drive to the doctor’s office, she was filled with hope.

Maybe this nightmare will finally end.

But after running a few tests and scans…

The doctor said something that sucked any optimism straight out of Nancy’s body.

“Nancy, your only option is to get a total knee replacement surgery.”

She stared in disbelief.

Because she already knew the truth about knee replacement surgery.

Besides the risk of infection, blood clots, and nerve injury during the surgery…

The aftermath is often even worse.

Surgery on the Knee

This surgery involves replacing your real knee with an artificial knee made of metal and plastic.

Yes, plastic.

Over time, that implant corrodes…

Causing pain in the best case…

And poisoning you from the inside at the worst case.

Want to know the craziest part?

Knee surgery often doesn’t even work like you expect it to.

And that’s not my opinion. It’s proven by a shocking study published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

New England Journal
Knee Surgery

Group 1: Knee Surgery
Received Anesthesia
Doctors made incisions
Underwent Knee Surgery

No Knee Surgery

Group 2: Sham Surgery
Received Anesthesia
Doctors made incisions
NO Actual Surgery

Want to know what happened next?

Study Results: The real surgery did NOT produce
any better results than the sham surgery.

To top it all off The pain does not end once you get surgery.

Instead, you must do physical therapy to rehab your knee.

Knee Therapy

I can’t under-state just how painful rehab can be.

In fact, some claim the pain during rehab is far worse than the actual knee pain they started with.

Listen, most people think knee surgery will fix everything.

The bad news is that it often takes 1 full year to recover.

Even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll be free from pain…

Or will be able to climb the stairs or move like you did before the surgery.

But that won’t stop doctors from recommending knee replacements…

Giving them an excuse to prescribe dangerous narcotic painkillers that turn you into a glorified drug addict.

Thankfully, Nancy was clever enough to seek my help.

She knew there had to be another way to eliminate her knee pain.

And let me tell you, you probably won't find the relief you want from common solutions.

Let’s start with OTC pain-relievers like NSAIDs or acetaminophen.

While these provide some temporary relief, the pain will always return with a vengeance.

The worst part?


These pills increase your risk of a heart attack and stroke – according to the FDA and Harvard University.

The Mayo Clinic even reported they’re toxic to your liver, kidneys, and stomach.

I wish I could say natural alternatives were any better.

First there’s turmeric.

Although it’s a popular supplement…

Scientists at the The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center found rodents only absorbed 1% of the active ingredient in turmeric.

Which is why you may have tried turmeric and experienced underwhelming results.

Next, there’s glucosamine and chondroitin.

Unfortunately, a study published in the British Medical Journal reported:

“…Glucosamine, chondroitin, and their combination do not reduce joint pain or have an impact on narrowing of joint space.”

The list goes on.

And there’s something every one of these supposed remedies has in common.

None of them solved the REAL root cause of knee pain.

Knee Bone

You’ve probably heard wear and tear degenerates your knee cartilage.

Here’s how it works…

Walking, bending, and lifting all places stress on your knees.

Over time, this wears away the cartilage protecting your knee joints…

So your knees are left bone on bone.

Then they rub together creating stiffness and pain.

Harvard University

However, a shocking Harvard discovery has flipped this common knowledge on its head. The team of scientists examined skeletons ranging from 6,000 years ago to more recent times.

And what they found was nothing short of incredible.

The modern skeletons had 2.1x more
arthritis than ancient skeletons.


Here’s why that’s so surprising…

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t have cars or fancy grocery stores.

They had to walk everywhere, hunt for their food…

As well as squat, twist, and jump far more than modern humans did.

So you’d expect their joints to be worn down to the bone.

Instead, ancient humans’ knees were healthier than ours!

…Which brings up an important point.

Wear and tear alone can’t explain joint decay and knee pain.

There’s some other culprit modern medicine has been missing.

And since Nancy had already tried exercising, special anti-inflammatory diets, pills, and supplements…


I was her last glimmer of hope.

So I dove headfirst into the latest research.

I called old colleagues who specialize in knee pain.

And I read hundreds of articles until my eyes were bloodshot.

After countless late nights, I almost threw in the towel.

But something told me to keep pushing.

And thank God I did.

Because I soon found the true cause of knee pain.

It starts with
the femoral nerve.

The femoral nerve runs from your lumbar spine down through the front of your leg.

It’s one of the primary nerves in your legs…

Controlling your hip flexors and quadriceps muscles.

In other words, the femoral nerve helps you walk, squat, lunge…

And most importantly, it stabilizes your knee joint.

This is where people run into problems.

Your femoral nerve carries electrical signals telling your muscles how to move.

Cavedweller Ancestors

Since our ancestors were constantly squatting and sprinting…

Their femoral nerves were strong and “awake”.

On the other hand…

Modern humans like you often sit at their desks and drive their cars.

Due to this change in lifestyle…

Your femoral nerve has weakened over time.

And the electrical signals in your nerve have become blunted.

So what does that mean for you?

The femoral nerve can’t support the knee and its surrounding muscles like it used to.

This is especially true when you don’t do specific exercises to activate it.

As a result, your quadriceps muscles are weak.

Your weak quadriceps can’t support your knee joint…

So it rots away like an old banana peel.

That’s not just my theory either.

Quadriceps Muscles

Research from Boston University and the University of California, San Francisco studied 4,648 knees over the course of 5 years.

They discovered weak quadriceps lead to significant knee pain.

Another study from many of the same authors found weak quadriceps muscles lead to a narrowing of knee joint space.

Think “bone on bone”!

That’s likely why Australian scientists discovered less quadriceps muscle mass is linked to less cartilage in the lower leg.

Is it starting to make sense why other solutions haven’t worked?

No matter how many painkillers, heating pads, or knee braces you use…

No matter how much turmeric or collagen you consume…

You will not eliminate your knee pain.

The only way to end your knee nightmare
is by targeting your femoral nerve.

So let me give you a quick recap:

  • Your femoral nerve gets weaker over time.
  • It can’t support your quadriceps muscles to stabilize your knees.
  • So your knee joints decay and you suffer from pain.

It’s kind of like having a leaky pipe in your house.

Your house might have no problem carrying water towards your kitchen sink.

But if the pipes near the actual sink are old and corroded…

They’ll leak a bunch of water…

Leaky Pipes

And water will only trickle out of your faucet.

Fortunately, there’s a way to fix your leaky pipe so water gushes out of the faucet like it’s a brand new house.

According to Newcastle University, certain movements strengthen your nervous system and how your nerves carry these electric signals.

To put it simply…

If you can activate the femoral nerve, it can strengthen your quadriceps and stabilize your knees.

Bike Riding

Instead of waking up with stiff knees and rubbing them every time you walk upstairs…

You can enjoy dependable knees that never give up on you.

You’ll cool the raging fire in your knees…

And be able to go for an afternoon bike ride…

Or comfortably kneel down to play Chutes and Ladders with your grandkids.

The only question is HOW?

After a bit of searching, I discovered a new technique called electro-acupuncture.

Based on 11 studies, electro-acupuncture is proven to significantly reduce knee pain.

The scientists even stated, this technique is able to “remarkably alleviate the pain and improve the physical function of knee osteoarthritis patients.”

Now, there’s no way I was going to tell Nancy to stick needles in her body.

Fortunately, I found a manufacturer with a simple solution.

They were designing a “massage wand” that gently releases electric currents into your body to relieve pain…

Miracle Massage Wand

Without poking holes in your skin or complex machines.

First, I made sure it was 100% safe and painless.

Next, I had to make sure it actually works.

So I ordered this massage wand with one goal in mind:

Use it to help Nancy relieve her knee pain once and for all.

But I knew it needed something else.

Although a gentle electric current may “revive” Nancy’s femoral nerve…

She’d still need a few moves to improve the connection between her femoral nerve and quadriceps…

And actually strengthen the knees.

By combining my femoral nerve discovery with
my expertise in athletic training…

I created the perfect routine.

Unfortunately, Nancy couldn’t have been more skeptical.

She said, “Chris, nothing has worked for me. I don’t think this will either.”

I came this far. I wasn’t going to give up now.

So I convinced her to try the 1st move in my routine.

Towel and Massage Wand

It’s a 1-minute seated routine with a towel under your knee.

Then I instructed her to place the massage wand on her femoral nerve.

Nancy laughed at how it tickled a bit…

But didn’t cause any pain.

After 60 seconds, I asked her to sit down in a chair and stand up repeatedly.

Nancy’s amused face turned into shock.

She screamed, “Chris! No pain!”

A big smile stretched across my face.

But I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Maybe this was just a fluke.

That’s why I taught Nancy the rest of the 7-minute routine before she left my office.

1 week later, Nancy called me.

She told me she hasn’t slept so well in years.

Sure, there was a little discomfort in her knees every now and then…

But she’s been feeling less and less pain every day.


Just 7 days later, she’s back to playing tennis with her girlfriends every week.

Nancy easily kneels down and bends in her garden too.

Best of all?

Nancy scoots around playing with her grandkids without worrying about paying for it later.

Nancy’s call was music to my ears.

It was such incredible news…I knew it’d be selfish to keep this to myself.

That’s why I turned my ‘little routine’ into the most
effective knee pain solution out there.



Ageless Knees is the ONLY program using our
special massage wand to activate the femoral
nerve and fix your knee pain for good.

You don’t need to grab other equipment.

All you need is your body and 7 minutes a day per knee.

If both knees hurt, you can do the easy moves for both knees.

In case you’re worried about the program being too advanced or causing discomfort…

Miracle Massage Wand

Every move is simple, beginner-friendly, and gentle on your knees and other body parts.

This works no matter your age or how much knee pain you have.

Just press “play”, and I’ll personally walk you through every movement step-by-step.

It’s like you’ll have me in your pocket 24/7.

Now, You’re Probably Wondering Exactly What
You Get With Ageless Knees.

So let me cover that really quickly:

1. Ageless Knees DVD

Ageless Knees DVD

Pop in your Ageless Knees DVD into your computer or DVD player…

And you’ll have instant access to the entire warm up sequence and knee rehab routine.

You’ll get the Coaching Video breaking down exactly how to perform each movement.

You’ll also receive a Follow Along Video to watch every time you do the routine.

I designed the moves to be as effective.

Yet they’re simple, beginner-friendly, and as gentle as possible.

Ageless Knees System

With that being said, I know not everyone has a DVD player… While others want a routine they can follow any time, any place.

That’s why I also included the next component…

2. Ageless Knees Digital Downloads

Ageless Knees Digital System

With the digital version of Ageless Knees, you don’t even have to wait for the program to ship to you.

Instead, you get instant access to the Coaching Video and Follow Along Video in their digital forms.

So you can simply press “play” on your computer, tablet, or smartphone…

To enjoy strong, stable knees that never fail you.

But whether knee pain has been haunting you for days or decades, I’m sure you still have a lot of questions…

Which brings me to the next component.

3. Ageless Knees Digital Handbook

Ageless Knees Handbook

This is the soup to nuts guide to ending knee pain for good.

The actual Ageless Knees routine tells you HOW to strengthen your knees.

This handbook tells you WHAT is really going on in your knees…

And WHY I designed the routine like I did.

Plus, I’ll also bust some myths and provide tips I bet you’ve never heard before.

Of course, we can’t forget about the star of the show…

4. Miracle Massage Wand

Miracle Massage Wand

This is the special massage wand that Nancy used to jumpstart her femoral nerve…

End her knee pain and rebuild strong, healthy knees.

Here’s how it works…

All you do is place the Miracle Massage Wand on a part of your body.

And it releases a gentle electric current.

According to research from institutions like Johns Hopkins University, King’s College London, and the University of Michigan…

Low levels of electric current block pain signals from reaching the brain.

That’s right.

My Miracle Massage Wand both jumpstarts your femoral nerve AND blocks pain.

Don’t worry. It’s totally safe. And you’ll only feel a tickle.

If you’re a bit antsy, just switch the massage wand to its lowest setting. To top it all off…

You can use the massage wand anywhere. You can even bring it with you on a hike or long walk and soothe your knees when you feel an ache or twinge.

Now, I Could’ve Stopped There.
But I Wanted To Make This Entire Program
As Simple For You As Possible.

Which Is Why I Sweetened The Pot With…


Ageless Knees Exercise PDF

Ageless Knees Exercise PDF

Ageless Knees Exercise PDF lays out every movement with start and finish photos…

Plus, detailed descriptions for how to perform each one correctly.

Download your PDF on your phone.

Or print it out to take with you anywhere.

If you think following this routine couldn’t be easier or safer…

Just wait until you see the next bonus.


3-Minute Morning Knee Flow

Morning Knee Flow

When do your knees feel the most stiff and sore?

If you’re like most people, it’s in the morning.

That’s why I created a lightning fast 3-minute morning knee flow you can do…

BEFORE you leave your bed.

This easy flow warms up and lubricates your joints.

Some Ageless Knees users have said: “It’s like my knees are greased up with WD-40.”

That’s why you’ll leap out of bed with more mobility and less stiffness in your knees.

Thousands of folks just like you have already saved themselves from a lifetime riddled with crippling knee pain…

Angela Watson, 58, from Provo, Utah…

Like Angela Watson, 58, from Provo, Utah…

“I can honestly say Ageless Knees changed my life. I’ve always tried to stay in shape and would go for runs every now and then. But at 58, even a brisk walk would make my knees throb for days. Thanks to your routine, I’m able to run pain-free again.”

Antonio Hernandez, 60, from Corpus Christi, Texas

Antonio Hernandez, 60, from Corpus Christi, Texas…

“I’ve tried physical therapy, pills, and I’ve been getting hyaluronic acid injections for several months. Nothing worked, so I started thinking of getting knee surgery. Thank God I found Ageless Knees. Because my knees felt better the first time I used the Miracle Massage Wand.”

Cynthia Hayes, 71, from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Finally, Cynthia Hayes, 71, from Tulsa, Oklahoma…

“Chris, I’m shooting this video to say thank you for Ageless Knees. My knees were so bad, I thought I’d be stuck in a wheelchair. But after 1 session I was chasing my grandkids around the backyard. I feel like I have new knees.”

There’s no reason you can’t join these folks.

And that includes price.

When discussing the price of Ageless Knees with my team, we originally set it at $197.

That’s already a steal considering I charge $350 for an in-person session.

But something didn’t sit right with me.

I watched how knee pain can rob you of the energy and joy in your daily life…


How it can turn activities you love like gardening or going on a family road trip into a painful experience.

I wanted to lower the barrier to trying Ageless Knees as much as possible.

That’s why you don’t have to spend thousands on risky knee surgeries that may not even work.

No need to spend HOURS at physical therapy either.

Instead, you can try the 7-minute routine in Ageless Knees for only $137.

But today is a special day for you.

You see, because of the surge in Ageless Knees buyers…

We’ve recently ordered over 10,000 DVDs and Miracle Massage Wands.

Between you and me, my team is telling me we need to make room in the warehouse.

So today, and only on this page, your investment for Ageless Knees is ONLY $67 + $7.99 Shipping/Handling.

That’s over 50% off the retail price.

Plus, 67 bucks is a drop in the bucket compared to $30,000 for a total knee replacement.

…And that’s just for 1 knee!

But please don’t think this deal will last forever.

Once we run out of our current supply, the price will never be this low again.

So here’s what to do next…

Click the “Add To Cart” button below to order Ageless Knees now.

The moment you click the button, you’ll be taken to our 100% secure, 256-bit encrypted order form.

It’s the same technology big banks and trusted companies like Amazon use.

Just fill in your info and after submitting it…

Ageless Knees Order Form

Our team in the warehouse will immediately start packaging your order to ship to your doorstep.

But again – you don’t have to wait!

You’ll also be taken to a thank you page where you can instantly download the digital version of Ageless Knees and your free bonuses.

That means starting today, you could get rid of the agonizing knee pain that’s been plaguing you until now.

I really can’t blame you if you still have your doubts though.

There are shysters who’d love to run off with your money…

While you’re left high and dry with a bogus product.

Let’s be real…

You’ve likely been burned before.

That’s why we’re taking ALL the risk off your shoulders with our…

60-Day Painless Knees Guarantee.

Ageless Knees Guarantee

Here’s how it works…

If you don’t get rid of nagging knee pain…

And reclaim a strong set of knees that supports you when you're skiing, kneeling in your garden, or simply walking upstairs…

Then I’ll personally give you 100% of your money back.

No questions asked or strings attached.

All you need to do is send a quick email to our support team within 60 days of your purchase.

Plus, since you get a digital version of Ageless Knees…

You can keep doing the program even after your refund.

But I doubt that’s going to happen.

The Miracle Massage Wand combined with my quick knee-strengthening routine are unlike anything you’ve tried before.

That’s why thousands of folks have eliminated knee pain…

Without resorting to frequent visits to the physical therapist or relying on harmful painkillers.

You truly have nothing to lose.

There’s NO reason not to give this program a test drive. So…

Go ahead and click the “Add To Cart” button
below to order Ageless Knees now.


Your Discounted Price: $67

+ $7.99 shipping & handling
You can pay with any major payment card brand

If you’ve made it this far, then it’s time to make a decision.
The way I see it…you really only have 2 options:


Knee Pain

You ignore everything you’ve learned today.

You stick with the visits to the doctor, relying on pills, or trying different remedies.

As time passes, the pain in your knees intensifies…

You find yourself avoiding activities you used to enjoy…

And every step becomes a struggle.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your spouse turns into your personal caretaker.

But I know you’d NEVER want to feel like a burden to loved ones.

…Especially when your knee-saving solution is just a click away.

Fortunately, you can take another path…


Try Ageless Knees risk-free.

You follow along with the movements in the instructional video.

Your knees instantly feel more flexible and stronger than they have in years…

Knee Pain

As if you’re gliding effortlessly through life…

No longer a prisoner to knee pain.

You reclaim a life without limitations.

You walk farther.

You feel younger.

Maybe you explore the scenic vistas of the Grand Canyon with your partner.

Or maybe you kick back and relax with a glass of Merlot on a Sunday afternoon…

Knowing that you’ll be independent and pain-free for years to come.

And listen, this is no fantasy.

This is the reality for thousands of adults who’ve already tried Ageless Knees.

And lucky for you, today’s price is one that nobody has ever seen.

If you pass up this offer, there’s a very good chance we’ll run out of our discounted inventory.

Which means the price will skyrocket back to the $137 retail price.

Remember, you can try Ageless Knees risk-free thanks to our 60-Day Painless Knees Guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?


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Chris O

Go ahead and click the “Add To Cart” button to order the Ageless Knees DVD, digital version, handbook, Miracle Massage Wand, and your 2 free bonuses.

I’m so excited to hear about your life without knee pain.

Thanks for reading!

Chris O

Chris Ohocinski
State Licensed and Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer

Still here?

Then I’m sure you still have some questions.

So let me go ahead and answer the most common ones for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I receive my Ageless Knees program?

You will receive the physical components of your order, the DVD and Miracle Massage Wand, within 5-7 business days. However, the exact time may vary depending on your location.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait 5-7 days to soothe your knee pain.

Upon ordering, you will instantly gain access to the digital components including the digital version of Ageless Knees, the Ageless Knees Handbook, the Ageless Knees Exercise PDF, and the 3-Minute Morning Knee Flow.

Q: How long before I start seeing results with Ageless Knees?

Most individuals who follow my routine in Ageless Knees feel better the first time they try it.

With that being said, I don’t just want you to feel a bit of relief.

I want you to enjoy strong and stable knees for life.

That’s why the longer you do the Ageless Knees routine, the better.

I recommend you stick to the program for at least 30 days to maximize the long-lasting benefits.

Q: I'm over 60. What if I can't perform the movements in Ageless Knees?

I’ve carefully designed Ageless Knees to be safe and beginner-friendly regardless of your age or how bad your knee pain is.

Just follow along. And rest assured, you’ll be safe while gently soothing your knees.

Q: I have a special condition. Will Ageless Knees work for me?

Ageless Knees targets the root cause of knee pain. My special Miracle Massage Wand jumpstarts your femoral nerve to block pain and activate your leg muscles.

The routine strengthens your muscles and knees for 360-degree stabilization…

Regardless of your special condition.

With that being said, it’s always advised to seek professional medical advice for personalized guidance.

Q: Do I need any equipment to start Ageless Knees?

You don’t need to buy extra equipment.

When you purchase Ageless Knees, you will receive the Miracle Massage Wand as part of the package at no extra cost.

Q: What if I have a busy schedule? Can I still do Ageless Knees?

I know it can feel annoying and downright impossible to fit physical therapy and doctor visits in your schedule.

Fortunately, the routine in Ageless Knees only takes 7 minutes per day. If both knees hurt, simply do the routine for both of your knees.

If you miss a few days, you’ll still get great results.

But the more often you do the short routine, the better your results will be.

Q: How is Ageless Knees different from other solutions?

Unlike temporary relief methods that only address the symptoms, Ageless Knees addresses the root cause of knee pain – the femoral nerve.

No other knee pain relief program in existence combines our Miracle Massage Wand with my 7-minute routine.

Which is why Ageless Knees is so much more effective than other solutions.

Q: What if Ageless Knees doesn't work for me?

I’m so confident Ageless Knees will eliminate your knee pain, you’re backed by my 60-Day Painless Knees Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, email our support team within 60 days of your purchase, and we’ll promptly give you a 100% refund.

Q: How do I get started with Ageless Knees?

Getting started with Ageless Knees couldn’t be easier.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below to order the Ageless Knees DVD, the Ageless Knees digital download, the Ageless Knees Handbook, and the Miracle Massage Wand.

Today, you’ll also get our 2 bonuses, the Ageless Knees Exercise PDF and the 3-Minute Morning Knee Flow, for absolutely free.

Remember, your 50% discount expires once we run out of our current inventory

So scroll down to order Ageless Knees now.

I can’t wait to hear your success story!


Your Discounted Price: $67

+ $7.99 shipping & handling
You can pay with any major payment card brand

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