Want Faster Results With Ageless Knees?

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Hey, it’s Chris with one last update.

If you’re reading this, then our team is still putting the final touches on your order.

While Ageless Knees helps support your knees…

I’ve found a way to improve the results even more.

Imagine being in the office while your knees start aching.

Or think of when your knees feel stiff on a long car ride.

Would you really want to do the Ageless Knee routine then and there?

That’d be pretty awkward if you ask me.

Fortunately, I found a way to soothe your knees on the go…

Even when you can’t follow the actual Ageless Knees routine.

It All Starts With A Bizarre “Tribal Tea.”

Natural Tea

Deep within the rocky jungles and along the winding rivers of Paraguay…

The Guarani people enjoy an all natural tea.

It’s known to boost energy, mental focus, and alertness like coffee…

Without any of the jitters.

An Argentinian study found this drink slashes LDL cholesterol by up to 16 mg/dL without even dieting.[1]

A 60-day Brazilian study found this tea reduced blood sugar levels by 25 mg/dL.[2]

And the biggest benefit of all?

This Natural Tea Can Bring Sweet Relief.

So it’s no surprise this tea is one of the most popular drinks in countries like Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina…

And that celebrities like Madonna, Lionel Messi, and Viggo Mortenson drink this tea on the regular.

What is this potent tea?

It’s called Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate

Also known as Ilex paraguariensis.

Brazilian scientists found the yerba mate leaves slashed occasional discomfort levels in mice by up to 36%.[3]

Another clinical study found yerba mate relieved discomfort for both subjects with occasional nerve discomfort and those who just underwent surgery.[4]

Finally, a shocking study published in International Immunopharmacology discovered that an extract of yerba mate inhibited inflammatory proteins by up to 91.63%.[5]

That’s like going from a hot, bubbling geyser in your knees…

To a cool, flowing stream that instantly soothes your stiff joints after a long car ride, exercise or similar.

Isn’t that incredible?

Well, I was so excited by the research…

I started developing a cream with yerba mate as one of the star ingredients.

Knee Cream

All you’d have to do is rub the cream on your knees to soothe minor aches.

It was smooth sailing.

…Until I crashed into a brick wall.

As you know, the real reason for occasional knee discomfort is a weak femoral nerve.

This leaves your knees unstable…

And screaming in agony.

That’s why most creams only provide mild relief.

They basically just sit on top of your skin.

But since we know the real source of the occasional discomfort is occurring deep within the skin…

I needed to find a way for the yerba mate to penetrate deep into your skin (without any scary surgery of course).

After burning the midnight oil…

I finally found the perfect complement to yerba mate.

This second ingredient is called aloe barbadensis.


Aloe has a cooling, effect to support a healthy inflammatory response and loosen up your stiff knees.[6]

However, the most surprising benefit is that aloe creates a “whirlpool effect”.

According to research, aloe helps ‘sucks’ other ingredients into your skin.


So instead of the yerba mate sitting on top of your knees…

Aloe helps it penetrate deep into the skin…

Cooling the raging fire from within.

Yerba mate and aloe barbadensis were such a powerful duo, I combined them into my new solution.

Plus, I added a handful of other soothing ingredients to create the world’s most powerful occasional discomfort cream.

My New Occasional Discomfort Cream
Is Called Insta Soothe.

Insta Soothe

It’s the only occasional discomfort cream designed
to deliver relief DEEP into your skin…

Thanks to the combo of yerba mate and aloe barbadensis.

Simply rub it on your knees, or even your back,
shoulders, neck, hips, elbows, or anywhere else that hurts.

And within seconds…

  • It’ll feel like a clear blue river of refreshing liquid
    is cooling your aches and occasional discomforts.

  • This occasional discomfort cream is not greasy.

  • It doesn’t have a strong odor.

  • And it’s fast acting…

So instead of your knees throbbing and your mind spinning at 100 mph…

You are calm and present at family gatherings.

Couple Biking

You can return to activities you love like riding your bike with your spouse.

You can easily walk through the campus during your grandchild’s graduation.

And most importantly…

You reclaim the peace of mind that nothing can slow you down…

Whether you're 40, 60, or 80+.

Look, you may have tried lidocaine, camphor, and other solutions…

But none of these contain the specific combination of potent ingredients that work TOGETHER for deep, instant relief.

So Let Me Tell You About The Ingredients In Insta Soothe.

You already know yerba mate and aloe barbadensis are the stars.

They help your joints feel better.

Since I wanted the cream to soothe your occasional discomfort as fast as possible…

I also added…


Menthol USP 3.7%

Menthol is the superstar ingredient for providing the ‘cooling effect’ on your skin.

According to the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, menthol activates your TRPM8 receptor

So it feels like a cold breeze is blowing away the inferno in your knees.[7]

I didn’t choose a cheap, low concentration version either.

You’re getting 3.7% to maximize the relief.

Speaking of max relief, I also added another relieving ingredient.

Leopard's Bane

Leopard’s Bane

Leopard’s bane, or Arnica montana, is a flower known for its healthy inflammatory response support effects.

A team of scientists at the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy found leopard’s bane was as effective as NSAIDs for healthy inflammation response support and occasional discomfort relief.[8]

Likewise, the next ingredient supports a powerful healthy inflammatory response too.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Tea tree leaf oil is made from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves in Australia.

The Aboriginals used tea tree leaf oil for centuries to support immunity.

As it turns out, tea tree leaf oil’s antimicrobial, antifungal, and healthy inflammatory response properties are likely due to a special compound called terpinen-4-ol.[9]

In fact…

A double-blind clinical trial published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found tea tree leaf oil reduces redness.[10]

But as you’ll see with the final ingredient, supporting normal inflammation levels isn’t the only way to alleviate aches.

Speaking of max relief, I also added another relieving ingredient.



A study published in the International Journal of BioMedical Science found MSM decreased stiffness and swelling in the joints in adults over 50.[11]

MSM does so much more though.[12]

Japanese scientists discovered that MSM also supports your cartilage…

The shock absorbers in your joints assisting your knees from going bone on bone![13]

All these ingredients combined together form the most potent occasional discomfort cream on the market.

While Ageless Knees helps strengthen your knees…

Insta Soothe improves mobility when you’re at work, in the grocery store, or in a rush.

Plus, you can rub Insta Soothe on your knees before following the routine.

This way, your knees will already be greased up and free of occasional discomfort when you start Ageless Knees.

Sound good?

Well, there’s only 1 question left…

How Much Is Insta Soothe?

If you bought the main ingredients individually on Amazon, it would cost you $94.

Most of these wouldn’t even come in a cream or powder form.

Then you’d have to find a manufacturer…

And bulk order the secondary ingredients that help form the cream.

Otherwise, you’ll be rubbing a gritty soup of herbs on your knees.

Finally, you'd actually have to manually create each batch.

Good news for you…

I already did the heavy lifting. And I’m not charging $94…

Not even half of that.

Right Now, You Can Try Insta Soothe For Only $29.

But I’m not stopping there.

I’m giving you an even steeper discount if you order multiple canisters of Insta Soothe.

You see, once folks try Insta Soothe for the first time…

They’re rubbing it on their knees multiple times a day.

That’s just how powerful this formula is.

But as a result, most people run out faster than they expect.

It’s enough to sour your day when you feel a twinge in your knees…

Yet have zero Insta Soothe in your bag.

And that’s why most buyers of Insta Soothe prefer the 3 or 6-bottle options.

Lucky for you, I’m slashing the price even more if you stock up on multiple bottles.


Because my team is saving money by simply adding the cream to your order instead of extra marketing and fulfillment costs.

So you and I both save money.

Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

That’s why today…

When You Add 6 Canisters Of Insta Soothe To Your Order, Your Investment Is Only $15 Each.

Insta Soothe

That’s a whopping 48% off the price of 1 canister.

But remember, my team in the warehouse is about to ship off your original order.

If you delay or click off this page, then you have to pay the full retail price of $49.

So please take advantage of this incredible deal now.

Here’s how…

Scroll down and choose 6 canisters of Insta Soothe, or whichever option you prefer.

Don’t forget, you’re still backed by our 60-Day Smooth Knees Guarantee.

Which means if you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll promptly refund every single cent.

But I doubt that’s going to happen.

Because Insta Soothe makes your knees feel significantly better.

At this point, my team is about to finish processing your order…

So please go ahead and add your supply of Insta Soothe to your order for the lowest price ever.

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